Affordable Drug & Alcohol Treatment

MFI Recovery Center's Affordable Drug & Alcohol Rehab

MFI's affordable drug and alcohol rehab programs are leading the way for private pay, low cost rehab in the substance abuse recovery community.

The promise of affordable drug and alcohol rehab with the same high quality of care that MFI has demonstrated through our experience is our priority as we look to the future. Through our private pay, low-cost drug and alcohol rehab program, clients have access to all the benefits of MFI Recovery Center's therapy and treatment at the reduced rate of $7500 for 30 days of rehab ($8500 with detox). MFI has been helping individuals recover since 1972, utilizing evidence-based, highly effective practices. We provide residential programs for men and women. These gender-specific locations give each client a safe and comforting environment to begin to stabilize both body and mind. Additionally, we provide intensive outpatient programs to teens. There is ample opportunity through MFI's programs to develop and practice relapse prevention skills which is an important part of residential drug treatment. Life skills and education are also integrated into each client's care plan. It is possible to overcome drug use problems and lead a loving and productive life again with MFI Recovery Center.

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If you are not sure if your insurance provider will cover the cost of drug rehab, contact one of our insurance experts. We are dedicated to finding the right solution to fit your needs.

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