Counseling and Psychiatry Services

MFI Recovery Center Counseling and Psychiatry

MFI Recovery Center offers a comprehensive array of alcohol and drug addiction counseling, family addiction counseling, and mental health services for struggling individuals and families.

Overseen by a physician, a team of therapists and certified substance abuse counselors guide each individual's treatment. Help with depression, anxiety, raising children and parenting teenagers is also available.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling and Psychiatric Care

Medication management may be an important component of an alcohol and drug addiction counseling program. There are a number of causes related to drug and alcohol abuse, including psychological, biological and physiological reasons. To ensure the best treatment for you, MFI has a team of qualified psychiatrists to evaluate and monitor your health. Feelings of depression, anxiety, deficits of attention and many other mental health symptoms can be evaluated and treated by MFI psychiatrists and their team of therapists.

MFI's Family Counseling

It has long been known that substance abuse can create complications for close, intimate relationships, and alcohol and drug addiction counseling can help bring the family back together. MFI professionals are skilled in the latest models of treatment specializing in the following areas:

Anxiety and Depression - Some children are more sensitive or have experienced unwanted events that have created distress for the child and the parents. MFI professionals can help you with these troubles.

Children of Divorce and Blended Families - Making the transition to a new family structure can be hard on everyone. The latest research and techniques guide MFI professionals to help families to the best possible life.

Marriage Counseling - Counseling can help your marriage become stronger, resolve difficult issues and restore a sense of hope.

Parenting and Family Addiction Counseling - MFI offers an array of science-based programs to help parents strengthen their families.

MFI Recover Center can help you or a loved one make a fresh beginning toward a positive and healthy future. If you are concerned about your drinking or substance use, or worried about a friend, co-worker or family member, we encourage you to reach out for help and information today.