Employee Assistance Program

MFI Recovery Center's Employee Assistance Program

MFI's Employee Assistance Program is a win-win situation for employers, employees and employee's families. When an employee has an addiction or behavioral health issue, it inevitably affects their work performance, productivity as well as long-term goals and aspirations. Losing an experienced employee can be a massive expense that can be avoided by providing an effective EAP program. MFI Recovery Center assists employers in retaining their valuable workforce by providing state of the art addiction treatment, without significant disruption to employee's work schedule. Our alcohol and drug treatment employee assistance program provider is an accredited, structured, and professionally staffed, short and long-term care at five facilities in Southern California's Inland Empire.

The Employee Assistance Program Provider Services

Our EAP Provider Program's multidisciplinary treatment team includes physicians, licensed therapists, and certified substance abuse counselors, as well as case managers. Clients work closely with their personal team in a positive and professional setting, learning how to cope with cravings and to identify the root causes of their addiction or alcoholism.

The EAP program provides structure and support. Clients gain insight, learn new skills and approaches for resolving problems, and at the same time continue to work and support their families. Relapse prevention planning is an integral part of each individual treatment plan for employees taking part in MFIs outpatient program. Each part of the outpatient Employee Assistance Program is designed to help the patient and family while assuring employers are able to keep their experienced and valuable employees.

MFI Recovery Center also provides family intervention therapy. Addictions affect both family, friends and coworkers, not merely the person struggling with the substance abuse. In addition, MFI is available to conduct on-site substance abuse education seminars and workshops through our Employee Assistance Program.

The Employee Assistance Program Provider services for substance abuse reduce the impact of addiction and alcoholism issues as they apply to productivity, reducing overall costs for employers and insurance providers.