Parenting Classes

Excellence in Parenting Classes with MFI

Parenting classes offered at MFI aim to help families with children of alcoholics and addicts through recovery. Children in unstable homes are at greater risk for emotional problems and addiction than other children, often displaying risk-taking behavior, school failure, aggression, anxiety, depression and relationship problems. When a parent begins the lifelong journey of recovery, there is an outstanding opportunity to create new outcomes at home as well. Many people who abuse substances may believe they are only harming themselves; however those closest to the individual will be affected by even slight changes in behavior. Developing valuable communication and coping skills will inevitably aid in clients recovery while helping families and children on a healthier and more stable path as well.

The Benefits of Court Approved Parenting Classes

Each residential treatment center with MFI offers individualized and effective substance abuse treatment and parenting classes with an esteemed record of success for recovery. Through education and a conscious effort to develop the tools for healthy living, clients can become the kind of parent and individual whom they want their child looking to as a role model. Without positive authority figures and new parenting skills, people who habitually abuse substances tend to pass on a cycle of negative coping skills.

Current research shows that having a genetic predisposition for addiction is not what's most likely to influence addictive behavior, environmental influences play a much more significant role. Parents in recovery who learn recovery skills are more likely to pass on to their children these positive adaptations. Also by learning new skills and improving communication in families, an important bond can be restored. Close intimate relationships can be one of the most important factors for someone who is struggling with substance abuse, and having the positive support from family will return to encourage growth in sobriety as well. If you or someone you love is struggling with parenting and a substance abuse issue, don't hesitate to reach out with your questions today.