Relapse Prevention

Aftercare and the Relapse Prevention Plan

Having an aftercare and relapse prevention plan are crucial elements for maintaining a life free of alcohol or drug addiction. Successfully completing the various steps of the residential rehabilitation process takes time and hard work, but the aftercare period is equally as important. Aftercare is a system of support for recovering individuals who will continue to benefit from maintaining the skills that allow them to deal with craving for alcohol and other drugs, and to avoid the triggers that set off cravings. Both relapse prevention and aftercare planning begin before release from residential substance abuse treatment and are incorporated into an individual recovery plan. Each of our clients will have a relapse prevention plan and aftercare structure that is unique, and meets their individual needs, concerns and home support system.

Benefits of Relapse Prevention Therapy

  • Learn to recognize progressing warning signs.
  • Learn to manage relapse signals.
  • Obtain a solid relapse prevention therapy plan
  • Learn to utilize aftercare resources

Relapse prevention therapy in addition to our regular treatment services promotes a self-sustaining recovery, based on skills developed through treatment as well as the support from others found in aftercare.

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